How to Buy, Sell o Swap digital Stickers

NinjaStickers issues Stickers in real time. For each Sticker there is a corresponding asset registered in Stellar Network to add value and certify ownership, quantity and age of each Sticker. We provide a full environment for our customers to be able to place:

- BUY offers to buy outright Stickers
- SWAP offers to swap Stickers with other Stickers in any category
- SELL offers to sell Stickers through the marketplace

For every digital Sticker you can see how many Stickers are currently in circulation (streamed from Stellar Network). This information is available by clicking on Info under "Stickers in Circulation". This information gives you a sense of how rare is the Sticker and its value. In the example below we can see the value for Lorenzo Baldassarri, a rider in Moto2™ category.


To access the modal view click on "Info" in the Marketplace or Sticker Album views or on the Sticker code under Wallet->Stickers Portfolio.


For the specific Sticker might also be present a graph indicating the latest closed trades. The graph is available under the Marketplace view by clicking on "MARKET".
The standard view of an owned Sticker in the Marketplace section shows:


Balance indicates how many Sticker you own. In this example, 5.
SELL/SWAP/BUY are buttons to perform the respective features.


Trading on requires Trading Slots. You will be assigned trading slots on your first deposit. is about completing the Sticker Album making efficient use of trading slots and balancing whether is better to buy a Pack or to buy outright Stickers from the marketplace. Buying a Pack has the advantage of potentially finding rare Stickers
Exchange Fees are always only payable if the exchanges are closed and the fee would be visible before placing the offer.

SELL trades

Once a SELL offer is created, an "ACTIVE OFFER" message is displayed on the Sticker indicating that an offer is in place. A sell offer cost 1 trading slot. In the example below a SELL offer is placed for 1200 CBB which is equivalent to €12,00.


If the offer is matched by a counter offer placed by another customer, equal or higher than 1200 CBB then 1200 CBB would be earned. The SELL value must be interpreted as the minimum you may receive for the sale of the Sticker. If the SELL is placed at a point in time in which BUY offers for the same Sticker are in place, the closing price would be the set by the highest offer. Please check the section Exchange mechanics (further below) for more.


BUY trades

Once a BUY offer is placed, an "ACTIVE OFFER" message is displayed on the Sticker indicating that an offer is in place. In the example below a BUY offer is placed for 500 CBB. A Buy offer costs up to 2 trading slots. If not enough Trading Slots are present in your account at that point in time you will not be able to perform the exchange, buy or sale. To free up Slots you can delete open Active Offers. Also new trading slots are earned when a duplicate is found in a Pack.


When a BUY offer is placed, the corresponding CBB are locked in a BUY offer and cannot be used for further BUY offers or to buy Packs. The BUY offer must be interpreted as the maximum amount the customer is willing to spend to buy the Sticker. In fact, market dynamics may lead to a lesser cost. For details please check the section Exchange mechanics.


SWAP offers

Once a SWAP offer is placed, an "ACTIVE OFFER" message is displayed on the Sticker indicating that an offer is in place. In the example below a SWAP offer is placed against a rider type Sticker of Alvaro Bautista number 19 for the Season 2018. A Swap offer can cost up to 2 trading slots.


There is no limit on potential SWAP offers, in the sense that you can propose to the market to Swap (following the example from MotoGP™) riders for bikes or action for riders and across different categories including Perpetuals like Legends or Circuits. As long as there is a counter offer in place the exchange can be closed.
SWAP offers and SELL offers have no impact on the ability to spend CBB on your account. Unlike BUY offers they do not lock up CBB in view of a potential purchase.
If you play with friends or via a chat room you can agree deals and place them in the market to see them met by other customers instantly. However, you must bear in mind the Exchange mechanics (explained below) when agreeing deals with each other as offers on the open market can be outperformed by other customers and are subject to standardised rules set by Stellar Network.
Under Wallet-> Active Offers you can see the offers in place and you can retract any offer getting back the trading slot used. If the offer placed is not present it means that has been fulfilled by the market and the closed buy/sell/swap offers can be found under Wallet->Closed Trades.

Active Offers

Active offers are accessible under Wallet and are displayed differently depending on whether it is a SELL, SWAP or BUY offer. You can retract any offer by clicking the bin button on the right. Typically, an offer would be retracted if within a reasonable amount of time is not met by the market (other customers) with a counter offer. By doing that, the resources allocated to that offer can be allocated to another offer.



For every Active Offer, we display a lot of details streamed from Stellar Network, like the offer-ID which can be checked on any Stellar explorer too.

Closed Trades

Under Wallet->Closed Trades, are listed all the trades (SELL/SWAP/BUY) that have actually been closed.



In the example above, we have a SWAP offer in which a customer successfully closed a SWAP offer swapping Valentino Rossi for Dani Pedrosa Rider Sticker. Details are present like the Stellar asset code of the Sticker as well as the transaction-ID and the customer account with which the transaction has been closed. The username of the customer with which the trade is closed is available depending on the user profile preferences set by each customer.

Exchange Mechanics

In simple terms a BUY offer is the maximum amount a customer is expected to spend to buy a specific Sticker. If the BUY offer (bid) is placed when a SELL offer (ask) was already in place, then the trade is closed at SELL price. A SELL offer (ask) on the other end is the minimum a customer is expected to receive when selling an Sticker. In fact, if when selling, BUY offers (bids) are already recorded in the Stellar Network order book, the trade will be closed in favour of the highest bidder as buyers compete over available SELL offers.
As an example Mr. Doe places an offer to BUY a MotoGP™ Sticker of Cal Crutchlow at 1100 CBB. At that point in time there was already a SELL offer for the same Sticker set by Mr. Smith for 950 CBB. As the SELL offer was present the trade is closed at the SELL price of 950 CBB.
As a second example, Mr. Doe places an offer to BUY a Moto2™ Sticker of Francesco Bagnaia at 1100 CBB. Mr. Jones also places an offer to BUY the same Sticker for 1300 CBB. At this point in time there is no SELL offer but afterwards, Mr. Smith places an offer to SELL the same Sticker for 900 CBB. In this case the two BUY offers compete for the Sticker and the highest wins. The trade is closed at 1300 CBB.